“BANG” “BANG” it came from the house. I rush inside I don’t know who it is. I rush into the house straight to my bedroom. I didn’t even bother to check what or who was making the noise. I wait about 5 – 10 minutes and then I go down stairs to the kitchen and get a pot, then I go to the dining room to see what is making the noise.

As I get closer the noise gets louder and louder with every foot step I take. I approach the dining room and I see someone. It’s not just anyone it’s my best friend Pepper from down  the street “Pepper what are you doing here?” I ask her in a croaky voice. “I was brought here by a man and now he is in the lounge room.” Pepper says in a worried voice. “He also has a knife” she says. “It’s ok” I say “I have a pot and I can knock him out with it!” I creep around the corner into the lounge room and he grabs me and I can’t move quick enough to do anything. I yell as loud as I can and try to get help, but it’s no use nowone can here me. Now he’s holding on to me harder then he was before. All I feel is the pain. He starts to release his hands. He let’s go of me and get’s Pepper. I try to get away for some help but he grab’s my wrist and now neither of us can get away. I hear someone at the door. It’s mum.

Mum comes inside She slowely creeps closer to the lounge. The man let’s go of us and get’s mum, Pepper and I run down the street to get help. Pepper’s Parent’s and neighbours come and a bunch of other people come to help as well. Pepper’s Parent’s ring the cop’s.  They get there in a jiffy. Then they thank all the people there because they have been trying to catch him from the start. So he get’s arrested and everyone never heard anything from him again.