A couple of weeks ago a 13 year old girl called Adam Goodes an ape. That is what started all this mess. On an Indigonous round with footy Adam did the Aboriginal war dance that some kids tought him. I think that he was just trying to celebrate a goal that he kicked.

I think that Adam Goodes is a good person. I don’t think that he has done anything wrong. I don’t think that the girl should have called him an ape and they certainly shouldn’t be booing him. The booing has got out of hand, the booing has got to stop it is disgraceful. Some kids and people are copying others and their parents. I liked the fact that on the seventh minute of the third quarter people were supporting Adam. Adam Goodes number is 37. I think that Adam made the right choice to skip a round of footy, but he should aslo keep playing because he is a great football player.

I want to know why people are booing him.


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