The Amazing Adventure

Page 1:
One dark night at midnight 30 year old secret agent Bob got a call from work saying that he had to go to a place to investigate.

Page 2:
So secret agent Bob put on his brown hat, black suit, got his magnifying glass and off he went.

Page 3:
Bob has made it to the house where he has to investigate but there’s a slight problem he is way too tall to fit into the house so he tries bending over so he can get through the doorway but it’s still no use.

Page 4:
So Bob rings up his friend Fred who is also a secret agent. Fred gets here in a jiffy. Fred us much shorter he’s about 4 foot tall.

Page 5:
Fred walks into the house easy. As Fred investigates Bob is still trying to get inside the house.

Page 6:
Fred is done with the job and Bob didn’t end up getting inside.
“Thanks for doing it for me” says Bob
“No worries” replies Fred
“It’s the thing about being 9 foot tall.”

Page 7:
Fred found out the reason we had to investigate was because the person that lived there could hear and see someone in her house, but then the police dealt with him.

Page 8:
After the police heard what he had to say. The people involved had a talk and decided that he should be arrested.

Page 9:
We talked to the lady and she wasn’t hurt, but she was terrified. Fred and Bob told the lady that there is nothing to worry about anymore.

Page 10:
Fred and Bob finally got to go home and sleep. They were having a good sleep until… They had to go on another adventure.