Global Warming Facts

What month tends to be the hottest in Bendigo?

December to January.

What is the hottest temperature this year?

40.3 degrees celcius.

What are some average temperatures around and in Bendigo’s history?

Australia: 42.2 degrees celcius, 26 degrees celcius, 36.4 degrees celcius, 31.8 degrees celcius, 29.1 degrees celciu.

Melbourne: 18 degrees celcius, 8 degrees celcius, 6 degrees celcius, 26 degrees celcius, 24 degrees celcius, 15 degrees celcius, 22 degrees celcius.

What is the highest average temperature in August?

21 degrees celcius.

How do we get so hot?

We get so hot because of the equator. The equator is the line that separates the top of Earth from the bottom. The top of Earth, is hot because it is the opposite to Antarctica and it’s the hot part of the world. The hot part of the world is at the top of the equator. Antartica is the cold part of the world. The  heat comes down from the top of the world to Australia and that’s how we get so hot. Antartica’s cold air comes up for us to get cold as well.

What is the hottest place on Earth?

Death Valley is the hottset place on Earth. In Death Valley it gets up to 56 degrees celcius! Death Valley is a desert.


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