Help me I’m all alone at home, in the middle of the creepy, dark, spooky woods at night, when the foxes come out and all of the possums and rats. I’m home alone and scared.

It’s the morning I made it through the whole night

To be continiued

All about me

Hi I’m Kayla, I’m 12 years old and I love to play sport. I play netball on Saturdays. My favourite position is Goal Attack. I play netball for the Bendigo Northern Flames since last year. I love my family and my pets. I have a cat, dog and 4 fish.

When I’m at home I love to play on the trampoline and cook. I mainly cook tea like tuna pasta, spaghetti and sausages with mashed potato and veggies. I also like to play Just Dance on the Xbox with mum, I usually beat her. I love to draw and do art as well.

My favourite things to do at school are sport, reading, maths, art and inquiry. My favourite places to go are camping, jumps and my nans house. My favourite singers and bands are Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. My favourite book series is the Once series Ms Fitz read some of the series to us last year, and now I’m reading them on my own.

P.S This is my team from last year.

I hope you know about me now 🙂

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