Christmas Post

Carols singing in the frosty air,

Holy wreaths are everywhere,

Reindeer galloping across the sky,

Icy cold snowflakes twirling by,

Stockings hang on ends of beds,

Trees decorated in Gold, Red and Green,

Merry, jolly people having fun,

A baby in a manger cot,

Star that guides kings all the way… That’s Christmas Day.

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Buddy Letter

Hello Caileb,


I hope that you have had fun on the holidays. I will be your buddy when you are in prep. I can’t wait till you come to school. I will be at school when you get here. On your first week you can play with me at recess and lunch if you don’t have anyone to play with. I can also help you find friends if you don’t want to play with me.


Our school is a very good school and you will love it here. If anyone is ever mean to you, you can always come to me if you need help with anything and even if you need someone to talk to. Our school is a safe and happy school.


On my holidays I went to my Nan and Pops house for lunch and dinner. What did you do on your holidays? Did Santa come? What house are you in? I am in Potter. Every week I will come over to your classroom for buddy time to help you.
From Your Big Buddy Kayla.