Term 3 Reflection

In this term I think that I have done more work than the last two terms. In Daily 5 time I have been doing all the three activities which are reading, writing and work on words. In this term I haven’t done much writing. In work on words I have only done at least 15 minutes and that’s it so maybe next term I will try to do the whole 30 minutes. In writing and work on words I get a little distracted from the people around me I usually ignore them. I am super happy with my reading for this term.  In reading I have been reading for the whole 30 minutes without getting distracted. I have also read all my 5 books in about 1 month.

For maths I am in Mrs Brunswick’s maths group and this term we have done fractions and lots more. I now know how to multiply, add and subtract fractions. In maths I am proud of my work.

In inquiry I have done my bushfires presentation and Natural Disasters Cause and Effect. For the Natural Disasters and Cause and Effect I am doing Bushfires in Australia. I have done all my info but I need to finish my Cause and Effect.

I have been at school every day of this year so far, so that’s why I get so far with my work this term because I am here every day to learn.


2 thoughts on “Term 3 Reflection

  1. Well Kayla! I have been so impressed with your Character (grit, determination) to succeed this term. You have really pushed yourself to work harder and expect more of yourself and it’s working! You’ve stepped up to that next level and are liking what you’re seeing. Congratulations on turning yourself around and finding that persistence to learn.
    -Ms Fitz

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