Term 3 Reflection

In this term I think that I have done more work than the last two terms. In Daily 5 time I have been doing all the three activities which are reading, writing and work on words. In this term I haven’t done much writing. In work on words I have only done at least 15 minutes and that’s it so maybe next term I will try to do the whole 30 minutes. In writing and work on words I get a little distracted from the people around me I usually ignore them. I am super happy with my reading for this term.  In reading I have been reading for the whole 30 minutes without getting distracted. I have also read all my 5 books in about 1 month.

For maths I am in Mrs Brunswick’s maths group and this term we have done fractions and lots more. I now know how to multiply, add and subtract fractions. In maths I am proud of my work.

In inquiry I have done my bushfires presentation and Natural Disasters Cause and Effect. For the Natural Disasters and Cause and Effect I am doing Bushfires in Australia. I have done all my info but I need to finish my Cause and Effect.

I have been at school every day of this year so far, so that’s why I get so far with my work this term because I am here every day to learn.


Little Blue Riding Hood Fractured Fairytale


Once upon a time… there was a little boy who lived in a small house in the bush with his dad. One day I went to go and see Grandpa. I asked dad if I could go, Dad said ” Yes but be back soon.”

I headed of with my motorbike and my backpack. In my backpack were some cookies for Grandpa, I was wearing a blue bikie jacket. On the way I saw a wild dog and it chased me all the way to Grandpa’s tent. Then I called my bikie gang to the rescue. They got there in a jiffy then they beat him down with a single ‘BANG!’

He flew up to pet heaven and then his ghost started to chase me again. I quickly rode home with the gangand had some cookies and a drink. The gang went home and I lived happily ever after with my dad.