Global Warming Facts

What month tends to be the hottest in Bendigo?

December to January.

What is the hottest temperature this year?

40.3 degrees celcius.

What are some average temperatures around and in Bendigo’s history?

Australia: 42.2 degrees celcius, 26 degrees celcius, 36.4 degrees celcius, 31.8 degrees celcius, 29.1 degrees celciu.

Melbourne: 18 degrees celcius, 8 degrees celcius, 6 degrees celcius, 26 degrees celcius, 24 degrees celcius, 15 degrees celcius, 22 degrees celcius.

What is the highest average temperature in August?

21 degrees celcius.

How do we get so hot?

We get so hot because of the equator. The equator is the line that separates the top of Earth from the bottom. The top of Earth, is hot because it is the opposite to Antarctica and it’s the hot part of the world. The hot part of the world is at the top of the equator. Antartica is the cold part of the world. The  heat comes down from the top of the world to Australia and that’s how we get so hot. Antartica’s cold air comes up for us to get cold as well.

What is the hottest place on Earth?

Death Valley is the hottset place on Earth. In Death Valley it gets up to 56 degrees celcius! Death Valley is a desert.


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A couple of weeks ago a 13 year old girl called Adam Goodes an ape. That is what started all this mess. On an Indigonous round with footy Adam did the Aboriginal war dance that some kids tought him. I think that he was just trying to celebrate a goal that he kicked.

I think that Adam Goodes is a good person. I don’t think that he has done anything wrong. I don’t think that the girl should have called him an ape and they certainly shouldn’t be booing him. The booing has got out of hand, the booing has got to stop it is disgraceful. Some kids and people are copying others and their parents. I liked the fact that on the seventh minute of the third quarter people were supporting Adam. Adam Goodes number is 37. I think that Adam made the right choice to skip a round of footy, but he should aslo keep playing because he is a great football player.

I want to know why people are booing him.


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“BANG” “BANG” it came from the house. I rush inside I don’t know who it is. I rush into the house straight to my bedroom. I didn’t even bother to check what or who was making the noise. I wait about 5 – 10 minutes and then I go down stairs to the kitchen and get a pot, then I go to the dining room to see what is making the noise.

As I get closer the noise gets louder and louder with every foot step I take. I approach the dining room and I see someone. It’s not just anyone it’s my best friend Pepper from down  the street “Pepper what are you doing here?” I ask her in a croaky voice. “I was brought here by a man and now he is in the lounge room.” Pepper says in a worried voice. “He also has a knife” she says. “It’s ok” I say “I have a pot and I can knock him out with it!” I creep around the corner into the lounge room and he grabs me and I can’t move quick enough to do anything. I yell as loud as I can and try to get help, but it’s no use nowone can here me. Now he’s holding on to me harder then he was before. All I feel is the pain. He starts to release his hands. He let’s go of me and get’s Pepper. I try to get away for some help but he grab’s my wrist and now neither of us can get away. I hear someone at the door. It’s mum.

Mum comes inside She slowely creeps closer to the lounge. The man let’s go of us and get’s mum, Pepper and I run down the street to get help. Pepper’s Parent’s and neighbours come and a bunch of other people come to help as well. Pepper’s Parent’s ring the cop’s.  They get there in a jiffy. Then they thank all the people there because they have been trying to catch him from the start. So he get’s arrested and everyone never heard anything from him again.