Once and Then by Morris Gleitzman

To Zelda the locket meant something special to her at the start when it got given to her. When we got into the book we could see Zelda’s thoughts change about the locket. Zelda’s locket kept her safe because it showed her Nazi parents. Zelda had a feeling of anger sometimes when she thought about the locket. Zelda’s locket also went on a journey in the books from when it got given to her to now where Felix has it. Zelda’s locket has gone on a journey because it came from her parents to Zelda and now to Felix. When Zelda had it she took it everywhere, but that was only when she cared about it. Zelda doesn’t care about the locket anymore because she has seen what Nazi’s have done to people and she doesn’t want anything to do with hurting or killing people, so she doesn’t have to look like the bad person as well as the Nazi’s. What Zelda sees about her locket now is hate because her parents are Nazi’s and they have done alot to hurt people. Zelda’s locket is silver with a photo of her mum and dad as Nazi’s.

It’s come to the day of Felix’s birthday, Genia and Zelda have gone out to buy Felix a birthday present. I think that Genia and Zelda brought Felix a locket for his birthday to remind Felix of the good and bad times he had with Genia and Zelda. I think that Felix’s birthday locket also relates to family. This locket will remind Felix of his family with Zelda and Genia. This locket that Genia and Zelda have given Felixis gold and Zelda drew a picture of her and Felix inside it.


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