The War Story

BANG BANG POW! It’s World War 1. The sound of gun shots. Many men serving for their country. Every second men and women are falling. The horses are carrying people that have been shotand killed. People are even carrying others that have been shot. Horses are being shot as well. Some nurses and doctors came to help, the nurses and doctors didn’t have a proper ambulance instead they had a wagon with horses at the front. Some people just stayed lying on the ground after they have been shot.

In the war there was a man this man met another man, the other mens name is Herbert Stanley Rumble. Here’s some facts about Herbert:

– Service Number 1687

– Herbert was in the 38th Battalion

– Before he went to World War 1 he was a Farmer

– Herbert survived the war

– Herbert went to Epsom Primary School

These two were best buds. They hid in the trenches together. Until Herberts friend Frank Taylor got shot!!! Then the war was over Herbert survived the war and the died a couple years later.